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You Gotta Start Somewhere...

On 28th Street & Broadway in Phoenix, AZ. Preparing to begin Marching

We Need Each Other to Thrive and Live

When I was released from prison, I remember witnessing the amount of women caught up in prostitution in my neighborhood in south Phoenix. At that time I remember thinking to myself I'd love to begin an organization which could potentially free these women from this lifestyle, regardless of how they got there and provide options for them. I was blessed to begin another organization which works to assist folks getting out of prison and it's been an awesome ride, but last night, brought me back to the day I wanted to set people free from this bondage. Gathering together last night and watching as we marched in solidarity through my hood against sex trafficking made me feel blessed beyond measure and inspired me to remember life is so short. I have to use it to enrich the lives of others. I appreciate everyone who came out, and to all of you that shared our posts and supported us with encouragement. Thank you. We're only getting started.

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