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100 Degree Heat in AZ Can't Stop Won't Stop The Fight

Updated: May 14, 2019

It's one of Phoenix's main sex trafficking Hubs...

Pimps Stared Down the Police

We met as planned at 27th Avenue and Indian School in Phoenix, which happens to be one of our main sex trafficking hubs. It's crazy, you get out of your vehicle and look across the street, and as the Officer who is there to patrol traffic for us said, "I looked at the pimps standing on the corner and there's some of their girls. They looked at me, I looked at them, then after a few minutes they walked away. They have no concern for us because they know no one is going to call to report them. So what are we going to respond to if there's no complaint?"

Today, was amazing! It was great to see new faces and so many of you, whom I've met through Facebook only and you showed up. It was so wonderful to fight with you. We stood in the heat and raised our voices, held our signs with pride, and educated and raised awareness. It was also great to share openly, that because the AZ Common Ground campaign began to gain so much attention, we've decided to turn the campaign into a nonprofit organization, and as of earlier this week Respect our Daughters is now a new 501c3. Our goal is to sustain a long fight until we eliminate this ugly, disgusting plague which is targeting our children. Thank you to all of you who shared our posts and have stood by us since we began. We love you deeply

Marching on 27th Avenue & Indian School in Phoenix, AZ

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