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The Men Outnumbered the Women Today

Updated: May 14, 2019

Marching on 51st Avenue & McDowell in Phoenix, AZ

We Need Men to Stand Up

We arrived at 51st Avenue and McDowell at 3pm. Terrible traffic and this nasty cold breeze came thru as soon as we got out of our cars but that didn't stop anything. The team worked together. We pushed the message out. People stopped to ask questions. People honked their horns and yelled, "We stand with you!" There's a truck stop south of the freeway on 51st Avenue, south of McDowell and that was our target. We'll be back. Yesterday for the first time since we began this campaign, the men outnumbered the women. Men of Color. Realizing that made my heart skip a beat. My goal is to educate all men within our country and help them to understand that the disgusting crime of sex trafficking stands for so much more than buying and selling our children. It's also about how we view, treat and objectify women.

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