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Cops and Former Robbers Stand Side-By-Side

Updated: May 14, 2019

Completing a March on 51st Avenue & McDowell in Phoenix, AZ

It Takes a Village...

I trip out on this picture because as I meditated on it, it displays a small group of us who marched against sex trafficking on February 9th. I wish we could have captured everyone but this one spoke volumes to me. There are members of the Phoenix Police Department who make certain all marchers are being safe along the roads and making sure that traffic doesn't focus on us and harm someone by crashing into us or another vehicle. It also has a college professor, social workers, an educator and nonprofit leader, women who have overcome abuse and personal turmoil, children and something that finally opened my eyes, there are people in this picture that when you add up all the time we spent incarcerated, it would add up to approximately 100 years. Now to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for our communities and our children within those same communities is the most unbelievable honor for me. God blessed my heart. Sometimes it takes 100 years to form a perfect pearl, sometimes longer. God bless you!

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1 Comment

Evelyn Porras
Evelyn Porras
May 28, 2019

I love it, this picture says more than a thousand words!!!

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